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Professional Editors and Proofreaders in South Africa

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Struggling to meet your deadline for YOUR Thesis, Dissertation or Research Proposal?
Need a second pair of eyes to correct Grammatical and Typographical errors?
English is not your First Language
Need help with formatting your University/Technical College documents?
Need an unbiased scrutiny of punctuation, spelling, tense and inconsistencies?

Your Academic Work is Important to YOU and WE understand that

  • Professional Academic Editing Ensures YOUR Success
  • SAVE Time, the Stress and More importantly Money
  • Meet your Deadline
  • Be Proud of your work before submission
  • Impress YOUR Professor, Peers, Review Board or Employees
  • A well-structured document and editing conveys your findings, research while complying to academic standards

Our Editing Service Includes:

  • Document formatting and structuring
  • Checking the flow of the document
  • Grammar and Spelling
  • Checking sentence and paragraph structure and revising where necessary
  • Cross checking of citations/references
  • Providing guidelines where necessary

We edit YOUR work in these areas:

  • Research Proposal
  • Thesis
  • Dissertation
  • Book Editing
  • Confirmation Letters
  • Financial Reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Journal Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Posts

A Personalised Service

Sarah Louise is a professional academic editor, published author and social media copywriter. You work is in excellent hands. She recently topped Amazon's 15-minute Teen and Young Short Reads (see screenshot below)


"Thank you so much Sarah for your professional services. The thorough language editing you have done increased the quality standard of my MBL research report. It really helped, especially with those mistakes and inconsistencies that one can easily overlook. The feedback on certain aspects of my report that I had to review was professional, easily understood and helpful. Your work has been much appreciated. I guess you will edit this too...lol" - Testimonial from G Maema

"Dear Sarah. It is my pleasure to indicate that you have demonstrated a high level of professionalism during the editing of my thesis. You set a high standard that is beyond reproached, more insightful in terms of quality assurance as well as paying attention to details. All these distinguish you as unique and the best among others. Keep it up the high standard and you deserve to be recommended for the work well done and looking forward to be of assistance to others who might need your service." - Testimonial from Thobejane MJ

"Thank you very much Sarah for the work you did in editing my dissertation. I have reviewed the editing changes you made and I am happy with the quality of work accomplished. I was also impressed that you delivered on time and at a reasonable cost. I definitely recommend your services to anyone who needs academic editing services." - Testimonial from L Ramaema

"My honours in psychology research report was the first academic paper I ever wrote I didn't think that I will get a distinction given my English proficiency level and having no academic writing experience . I compiled my research report and sent it to Regcor Enterprises. The editor edited my work and sent me the report on time with all the amendments made to the text more especially in correcting my referencing mistakes and helping me to write other important parts that I omitted in my report. The services I received were more than what I expected, the editing services added value to my work. I would recommend Regcor Enterprises for university students who are busy with their academic papers and assignments." - Testimonial from M Zhange

"I would recommend Sarah from Regcor to anybody who requires the services of an editor. I chose Sarah as editor for my academic research report as she is a specialist in her field and has many years of experience in editing of documents. She is professional and is always available to assist with changes or challenges that may arise. Sarah is a wonderful person who always puts her clients needs first to ensure positive results." - Testimonial from M Sewduth

"As a young researcher, I am an expert in my field of HRM, however I'm not an expert in editing my own work and in any research there can be errors and I used the service of Sarah from Regcor who did exceptional job in editing my thesis and I'm very happy with her work and I'm confident that my thesis will come with good marks. I will recommend her services to my friends who might need editing services and I will use her again in my PhD qualification few years from now. I thank you" - Testimonial from S Memela


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